Where To Buy A Cheap Phone Online In Nigeria

Are you running out of budget but you need to replace your phone urgently but you are afraid that the little money you have might not be able to get a new phone that is quite cheaper for your affordability, well you don't need to worry about that because in this article I will be sharing with you on how to buy a cheap phone.

It is no longer news that the cost of buying a new brand smartphone is getting higher and higher daily and this makes it quite difficult to get good smartphones that are cheaper and the only alternative of getting a cheaper one is by buying an already used phone 

Where To Buy cheap and latest phones in Nigeria

Where to find a cheap phone?

Finding where to buy a cheap phone is not always easy to find but they are still a few places where you can get a cheap phone at your convenient and affordable price. Most times, you can only find these cheap phones where they were put up for sale on online stores and websites where the sellers/former owners of the phone declare their interest in selling it off.

The number one place to buy a cheap used phone is through an online platform. And what are these online platforms?

The online platform here can be buying a used phone directly from the company’s website e.g. Companies like Apple, Samsung, etc. have options on their website where you can buy already used phone at a cheaper price but then as awesome as this may sound, they are still some few things that you have to consider before moving to order such phone and they are;

You have to check the phone rating on the site, this will help you make a better decision on whether to buy the phone or not. And of course, if the rating of the phone is great from other people who have purchased and used the phone that means it is in a good shape.

You have to check out for the phone warranty from the site, just in case you don’t fully trust the device which means that you would still have the chance to send it back just in case the warranty duration fails.

Before you make an order, make sure that you read the phone description on the site very well and attentive so that you will be sure it is what you want to buy. 

 Ways to buy phones online in Nigeria

Let’s say that you have seen an online platform or store where you can buy cheap phones online in Nigeria, do you know that it would be a risk for you to just go straight away and order the phone without proper supervision? In this section, I will be sharing with you a few tips on how you can properly buy cheap phones online.

Reach out to sellers: most online stores that sell used phones online usually give intending buyers the chance to reach out to sellers of these phones. In some places, the seller can drop their phone or you can chat up with them directly on the site. For someone who wants to buy these phones, they are a few questions that you have to ask the seller before you go ahead to buy from them and they might include;

First of all, it is important to ask the seller about the present physical condition of the phone, you can do this by asking him/her to send you pictures or better still video describing these conditions. In asking for the physical condition of the phone, here are the notable conditions that you have to ask about; Battery condition, charging port condition, camera quality, etc. 

Pre-owned condition: Buying a used phone can be quite risky, so to be on a safer side, you have to ask the seller of the phone the pre-owned condition of the phone i.e. you need to know how him/her got to be in the possession of the phone so that you won’t end up buying a stolen phone in the name of buying a cheap phone. And again, if the owner permits, it is advisable for you to check out the IMEI status of the phone so that you won’t also end up buying a fake phone. In case, you don’t know how to check this IMEI status, this is easy to do it; the IMEI tool that you will be making use of is the Imei.info, all you need to do is get the phone IMEI identification number by dialing *#06#, copy it out and go straight to the website Imei.info, input the numbers and click on check and wait for a minute for it to display all you need to know about the phone in question.

Another way of buying a used phone or even a new one at a cheaper price is through swapping. Swapping of phones requires that you have to add a little money on top your current phone to use it to get a higher phone which can be used or a new one in exchange.

Where can I buy good phones online?

There are thousands of online website to buy phone on,but I will be listing
Top trusted online platforms where you can buy Android or iPhone at cheap price.

  1. Jumia Nigeria: this is the number one online market place in Nigeria where you can buy Good phones  with no risks.
  2. Konga: offers varieties of prices from cheaper to higher prices base on available goods. They are the best when its comes to quick delivery.

In conclusion, buying a cheap phone is not all that difficult or impossible, all you need is a proper guide and information to help you make better decision and choices when you are about to buy a used phone. As a buyer, your aim isn’t just to buy a cheap phone but to also buy a phone that is in good shape, last you long enough and be able to serve you all your purpose.

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