How To Become A Musician In 2021,Start A Music Career In Nigeria.

Music Career In Nigeria is very competitive and every young adults want to go in to music and become famous as well as getting sign by a Record Label. There's money in music industry and as a Nigerian artists you have a chance to make lots of money once you becomes famous because Nigerians likes The Art of Musics.

Music is the art of expressing words in an emotional thought that rhythm with the beat. According To Wealthresult," Nigerians Music worth $47 millions dollars and will double in 2020". In Nigeria, we have different types of genre based on culture and what is trending. Everyone has their own music artists that they patronize ,the lyrics the likes and the beats. 

Don't rush into music Career for the money. First and foremost, know how long you are going to be on the field of Musics and how passionate you are.

How to start a music career in Nigeria.

I see music career as easy to start but hard to end well when you are not seeing any profits from your songs. Have you ever wonder why others makes it to the end and also known for their performance while getting sign by label and brands? 

It depends on the steps and how they get started. Everything is all about money but when you have a mindset of influencing people positively in your songs that will surely get you to your dream while money comes later.

You want to be famous in a year but do you have the right strategies that will work you out from the beginning to the end?

In this blog post,I will be sharing the steps by steps strategies that will brand you well in your music career.


Some may say ," education is important" while others,"it's not important"

It's depends on your choice and the views on education.

Education is important because its expose you the ways of lives and behavior where you learn about others,ways of behaving, speaking and more.but if you have those skills or want to join  music while still in school,you are free and that can't stop you from being famous. 

If you want to go into music without education, I advise you to attend music lessons and get a certificate as well as learning how to write a song and singing part. A lots of famous artist are making it in the music industries without education. All depends on your choice.

Your Lyrics:

Lyrics is what makes a nice song. Are you able to write down a nice song that inspire,entertain or motivate others? I say , "money is in the lyrics"

Lyrics is what people cares about,what are you singing,what categories are you into and what lyrics is moving well in that categories?

Ask yourself this questions and carry survey by studying others top musicians on your categories,what they sing ,the lyrics and what their fans say about their songs. This is how to do it;

=> Go to theirs social media handle, scroll through their posts.

=> And find out a post about the  launching of their song.

Go through the comments and see the review by their followers and learn more about what people are complaining  on the video, beat or the lyrics aspects. Doing this often and taking into consideration by not making the mistake they do will make you standout as well as giving more followers that likes what you sing.

Social handle: 

How to start a music career in Nigeria.

     Your social handle is the number 3 steps to get started once you know your categories and lyrics. Create your social media accounts on all social networking site that your audience are . Check out your competitors' social media handle and make sure you create your handle where they are creating theirs. 

Even do you are starting with 2 handle, Makes sure you have an official username in all the social media networking. This is often a mistake I see among upcoming artist, having different names on each social media handle like  Twitter : wizto23 , Instagram: wiz_to , Facebook: thewizto.

The above is not appropriate when you are starting. It doesn't sound well and your fans will be frustrating which they will later ended with a fake account of you.

Why not choose one username across all social media handle.

For instance,Your stage name is wizto, social media handle should be wizto. If not found or another person have taken it, go with officialwizto, wiztoofficial,heiswizto,meetwizto,wiztothesinger,etc. Makes sure the same names is use on all your social media handle.

Invest In yourself:

You are promoting yourself and that's what people see and know. Eat, drink, cultivate good habits and live a healthy lives.

Have your own business: 

Choose music as a side business. Spent time raising your business to the stage that you have money to invest in your music career. A lots of people go into music without a plan,who is your sponsors?

Do you have what is bringing money to you,daily,weekly or monthly?

Don't just be on the rush to start. Set up a strategies and make sure you have where money is flowing in before you go into music.

Music Producer:

Hire a professional producer that will guide and direct you on your part to success. Some upcoming artist, always look out for free things,when  nothing good can't come  free!

Hire a well known Music Producers for a better songs ahead. Most important, your start determine where you are going!

Start with the nearest recording studios:

Find a good music studio that can give you a nice beat mix. Some upcoming artist, always make me feel weak. How can you use free beat download from music website or copy beat from any of the famous song from others to mix your songs. It doesn't goes that way,get your own beat! Remember, music is a competitive career that every young people are falling in,try to standout as a professional by creating your own beat.


This is the key,after creating a nice music that is worth to be hearing. Don't do  what others musicians are doing because they already have fans and big in the industries. This is what will determine your growth, you need to spend money promoting your songs and getting it to your audience. Put your song on audiomask, boomplay and other platforms. Go to 2 famous music download website and pay for promotions. Check this blog for the next post on "how to promote your songs as an upcoming artist with #20,000 Naira and gain alots of stream online"

I hope this article give solution to the question on how to start a music career in Nigeria.

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