How To Gain A Lots Of Stream, Promoting Your Songs For ₦20,000 Naira Only.

How To Promote Your Songs As An Upcoming Artist With ₦20,000 Naira And Gain Alots Of Stream Online.

Do you know you can promote your songs with ₦20,000 and gain a lot of stream?  What am going to open to you today is a secret many people are using which work well when you know where you are heading in your music career.

How To Gain A Lots Of Stream, Promoting Your Songs For #20,000 Naira Only.

Before I get started, I will like to ask you few questions and don't forget to drop it on the comments section;

Question 1: Who is your promoter?

Question 2: How often have you been promoting your song?

Question 3: If you are new to the music industry, what will be your strategies towards promoting your songs?

I will be expecting your reply!

Music Promotion is the process or stages of showcasing your songs to be make seen and reach to the music lovers which is your audience. 

Your audience are those who like listening to music,to make your song reach to them you have to know where the hang around both online and offline, all depends on your mode of Promotions and your target audience.

What I mean target audience here are those your lyrics or songs is made for. if you want to attract international audience,you need to sing what they need before you promote your songs towards them.

So far, I hope you knew already where you are heading?

Your song is what determine your audience,what are you singing? Who is your audience, what  did they like about music and where can you get them to stream your songs once launch?

Firstly, promoting a song to a wrong audience will not move you forward, instead will shut you down from getting your idea fans.

When I say , "idea fans", I mean your main audience those that like music base on your genre.don't sing afrobeat and target those listening to Gospel Music. So, in this post, I will be exposing you on how to target your audience and get your song stream online for a token of ₦20,000 Naira only.

What are you singing?

What are the genres, you are in to and what do you want people to know about you. Are you singing love song or singing about the country and theirs behavior? Which country are you targeting and what are you singing about?

This particular questions will open your eyes to know who will love your songs and how to target thems.

Who is your audience?

Have you been able to study to know who will like your song once you launch it? If not, before launching your songs study your competitors on what they are singing and how people react and talk about the song. Know where their fans  go to download their songs and which platform is getting them  alots of stream.

I Hope you have noted the above questions and ready to take part on the next steps?

Your Social Media: 

     Here is what every other music artists are using to get theirs songs stream a million times online. But it will not work for you, if you don't have a lot of fans base there. Before dropping your first song,you need to make sure you grow your social media handle to 2,000 followers and minimum engagement of 100 likes and 20 comments. If not this particular strategies will not work for you.

Freestyle Your Song:

Do a short video of you singing your song or people dancing while your song play on the background. Post on your social handle and boost it with a link to download the music. If you find it difficult boosting it, contact any one that is on entertainment niche,have lots of fans base and engagement on posts, to do a shout-out of your post why tag you on the post.


Here is the platform you are going to get your download stream online. You can use your personal website if you have.if not, find one(1) famous website and get your song post on or promote. Paying a token to get your song posted on the website, is a great chance that the famous music blog will give you an  authority as well as making your audience know that you are a professional and serious because you get your song feature on that website.

  Let them write a short description of your song with a link to your social media handle together with a link to your Appleplay, boomplay, audiomask's profile.( Links to all your artist profile ).


Which online groups are you on? Let's take Facebook group as example;

Join an active  Facebook group of about 30,000 + members that have a thousand engagement on likes and a hundred comments on post.


    In this strategies we will join two (2) groups. Note, make sure the group is set to public and not a private group. Try to share a few posts on the group base on what they are Posting on the group,if approve that's the best steps. Try sharing  your songs from the website you put your songs for download not audiomask or boomplay for now, I mean the website you promote your song to be streams online or your own website,if approve... Nice or  not approve,is time to contact the group admin with a sample message below:

Hello Boss,

I'm "your name here" also known as "your stage name here". Here is my first song title,"song name" which you can listen to it here at ,"website to download the song".

I really need your help on the group you are admin," group name here" to approve my post  on the group. Looking forward to hearing from you.

 Thanks for your understanding!

And Wait for the reply, if he needs money, you negotiate the price which will be per post on the group and the post will not be deleted or per time or per week. For me I choose per time, the post will be there on the group for 24 hours and later deleted which is the best... Do you want to know more reason why I choose that? If yes ask me on the comments section.

On posting on the groups make sure you include a link to the website, audiomask, Appleplay , and boomplay with a nice music banners (art).

That's sound great!

Remember you must have up to 2,000 followers on your social media handle which you will also be sharing that particular link from the website to them.  

You can do this with a token of ₦20,000 Naira Only. Here is the budget;

Website Promotion: ₦8,000

Group Promotion: ₦500 Per Post for 24 hours.( 4 post on each group.its depends on your budget).

Music art(banners): ₦2,000.

Social media boosting/shout-out: ₦6,000

Your Data money is not included here

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